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Public Services 2020

Innovation: Focusing on outcomes

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Reform and innovation have been a central part of the response to the challenges of recent years. Launched in December 2017, Our Public Service 2020 provides the framework for continuous transformation across the public service, new innovative leadership and governance structures to drive reform, shared responsibility for reform and shared ownership of actions. The first Progress Report was published in 2019.

The framework is based on three important pillars:
  • Delivering for Our Public
  • Innovating for Our Future
  • Developing Our People and Organisations

The Progress Report outlines the range of initiatives highlighting how our public services are working to increase customer satisfaction, greater use of digital tools, better quality services, better effectiveness, a culture of innovation and greater public and employee engagement. We have also seen the successful establishment and operation of the Public Service Leadership Board to provide overall leadership of, and commitment to, public service development and innovation.

The area of digital delivery of public services in particular has seen notable progress. As 2019 ended, then Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Paschal Donohoe TD, detailed plans to accelerate the use of digital to modernise and streamline how services are accessed in 2020 and beyond. Given the huge scale and breadth of our public services and the complex environment in which they operate, in addition to increasing expectations from citizens, a renewed focus on customer service and access to public services is as important as ever. There has perhaps been no bigger challenge in recent times than the coronavirus pandemic – something that has sharply brought into focus the need for public service organisations to be resilient and agile.

Public Service 2020 Exhibition, Croke Park, Dublin
Public Service 2020 Exhibition, Croke Park, Dublin
Public Service 2020 Exhibition, Croke Park, Dublin
Conference format

eolas will be using an online platform that will allow speakers and delegates to follow the normal structure of a conference. This will include:
✔Chair and speakers on screen during the session
✔Speakers will be able to use PowerPoint slides
✔A Q&A session with delegates being able to post questions, moderated by the chair
✔A chat facility for delegates to make comments, moderated by eolas
✔A twitter feed to be visible to all participants
✔A ‘handout’ facility will allow delegates to receive relevant documentation
Delegates will get a ‘conference experience’ that goes beyond the normal video conferencing meeting formats.

Key topics covered include:
  • Our Public Service 2020: Looking at progress and the next phase of innovation;
  • Inclusive innovation: Involving the public in shaping innovation policy;
  • Making it personal: Focusing on the user in service design;
  • Large scale reform of policing in Ireland;
  • Innovation in healthcare;
  • The changing landscape of the Further Education and Training sector;
  • The challenge of recruiting and retaining younger generation workers;
  • Embracing innovation and technology to transform the delivery of services;
  • Transforming local government to deliver better services;
  • Best practice case studies.


Conference Programme
Chairman's welcome and introduction

Embracing innovation and change across our public services
Dr Lucy Fallon-Byrne, Assistant Secretary, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
Strengthening healthcare in Ireland
Paul Reid, CEO, Health Service Executive
Service design
Service design: Shaping public services for the Ireland of today
Claire Acton, Senior Design Strategist, Deloitte Digital
Inclusive innovation
Involving the public in shaping innovation policy
Madeleine Gabriel, Head of Inclusive Innovation, Nesta
Talent management
The challenge of recruiting and retaining younger generation workers
Professor Alma McCarthy, Professor of Public Sector Management, NUI Galway
Questions & answers / Panel discussion
Morning break
Systems change
Complex systems change in health and social services: What works
Madeleine Clarke, Founding Director, Genio
Local government
Delivering better public services by creating a culture of innovation and collaboration
AnnMarie Farrelly, Chief Executive, Fingal County Council
Less obvious User Challenges of Digital Transformation: The importance of understanding demographics, history and culture
Edward Williams, Head of Digital Transformation, Gemserv
Providing essential services: Maintaining access to court services during the pandemic
Angela Denning, Chief Executive, Courts Service
The changing landscape of Ireland’s Further Education and Training Sector
Andrew Brownlee, CEO, SOLAS
Questions & answers / Panel discussion
Chairman's summary and conference close
Conference Registration
Public Service 2020 Exhibition, Croke Park, Dublin

Delegate registration fee
€225 + VAT

Public Service 2020 Exhibition, Croke Park, Dublin